Thursday intensive pre-sessions are from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Pick a topic you are interested in and drill deep into learning from of these incredible speaker. Cost for an intensive session is $69 and registration is required.
JOHN ROBINSON | Beauty from Ashes

All of us are broken people in need of restoration. Very often the messiness of our lives can leave us feeling stuck in shame without hope for the future. The good news is that God’s Spirit not only specialises in renovating the ruins of our lives, but delights in doing so. You are the Renovator’s delight!

This workshop unpacks the ways in which the Holy Spirit is brooding over all that is dark, formless and empty so that it may be renewed (Gen 1:2). We also explore how we can be active participants in Spirit’s mission to create beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:1-3).


An exploration of the word and the reality of lovingkindness as expressed in Scripture. Our working translation: “When the person from whom I have a right to expect nothing, gives me everything.”

SHARON GARLOUGH BROWN | Finding Our Stories within The Story

Join author Sharon Garlough Brown for a day of exploring how spiritual practices can help us pay attention to the unfolding narratives of our lives. Through prayer and reflection we’ll discover ways to keep company with the God who calls us beloved and who longs to reveal his presence in the midst of the daily stories we live and tell.

TIM KEEL | Missional Church Leadership

Mission and ministry in the West are in flux! Too often each have been reduced to a pragmatic search for easily adoptable models that promise immediate impact. Within that framework, leadership is reduced to implementation of these models and methods. How can leaders become aware of the subtler factors of how God works in a context and how a leader influences a community to impact an environment? Over the course of this one-day workshop we explore the ways in which mission to the West is a contextual, theological, and structural challenge that requires deep engagement in each.  We will also examine how personal dynamics inform and shape the habits and practices of leaders in the church communities they lead. We will explore this challenge with particular reference to the local church’s participation in what the Spirit is doing in and for the life of the world through Jesus Christ.

IAN MORGAN CRON & SUZANNE STABILE | The Road Back to You: Looking at the Spiritual Life Through the Lens of the Enneagram

Participants in this intensive will discover a framework for beginning to live into our more authentic selves by understanding the fundamental assumptions through which each Enneagram type views themselves and the world and how each of the numbers affect our spiritual journey. By the end of the conference, each participant will have identified, or be close to identifying, his or her Enneagram number.  Those who already have a good idea about their Enneagram number will find their knowledge refreshed and deepened. Ian and Suzanne are recognized national experts and some of the best teachers / storytellers you will encounter.


Workshops are offered on Friday, Sept. 29 at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.  They are included in the regular Apprentice Gathering registration.  Topics are the same at each session unless otherwise indicated.  Pre-registration is recommended as some workshops will fill.
TISH HARRISON WARREN | Savoring on Sunday
The ancient symbols, calendar, and aesthetics of the church call us to truth and what that means for the future of worship. We will look at practices of beauty and pleasure in gathered worship, how that shapes our daily life, and talk practically about how to include these practices in our contemporary churches.
SHARON GARLOUGH BROWN | Going Deeper: Spiritual Practices for Cultivating Humility
Following on her keynote address, Sharon Garlough Brown explores the particular practices that can help us embrace God’s strength in the midst of weakness and discover a deeper way of resting in the power and love of God.
BRIAN ZAHND | The Trellis: The Value of Liturgy in Spiritual Formation
(Description Coming Soon!)
JAMES BRYAN SMITH | The Magnificent Story: Uncovering a Gospel of Beauty, Goodness and Truth (11 a.m. ONLY)
(Description Coming Soon!)
JUANITA RASMUS | Doodles with God
We will give ourselves permission to see the beautiful in our lives amidst the abstract creation of Doodle Art. Doodle Art as a means of being present to the great creator! This workshop will be hands on. No art experience needed just a willingness to behold the beautiful!
ALAN FADLING | An Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

11 a.m. Only
In this workshop, Alan Fadling will unfold what it means for leaders to let Jesus set the pace. Through biblical illustrations, personal examples, and on-the-ground leadership wisdom, Alan will guide you into a new view of kingdom leadership. We will focus on insights and practices to help you work with God at a more livable and fruitful pace.

We will be adding others to this section as the event draws closer.